Indonesia aquarama fish contest


The unification of sea water and freshwater ornamental fish in an aquarium, depating – something that has been considered-impossibility. Yamamoto Toshimasa, a lecturer at the Okayama University of Science specialty Training College in Japan, successfully unified the two worlds and exhibited in the aquarama 2009 event.

Since it was first held in 1993, Aquarama has always featured the latest technology. Foo Ching Loon, chairman of the Singapore Ornamental Fish Exporter Association, once said to , ' Aquarama has always been a business event, a competition, a technology exhibition related to ornamental fish '.

Still remember Lou Han? The Ikan Bernongnong was first exhibited at the Aquarama 2001. At that time, Kirin Cichlid Aquarium which displayed Lou Han called Lou Han as the hockey fish that brought sustenance. Fish 25 cm long sold Rp120-million. Pascaaquarama, Lou Han became a Klangenan in Indonesia and Malaysia.

[foto 3] The 9th Aquarama, which took place on 31 Me – June 3, 2009 it not only featured sea and freshwater unification innovations. Innovations that also get visitors attention are maggot cultivation technology. The maggot of Hermetia illucens fly larva is a new breakthrough for ornamental fish feed and fish consumption.

Another innovation is the aquarium. There is an aquarium in the spherical tub of the world or swerp. There is also a smart aquarium that is able to change the fill color: from the blue turns red, then green and yellow. The product price of the new innovation is currently relatively expensive, exactly Lou Han when it was first exhibited.

By the time the price dropped, the new innovations found the market. Precisely the described Prof. Dr. Gumilar Rusliwa Soemantri, the rector of the University of Indonesia who is also a hobbyists ornamental fish. ' The results of the new technology were accepted hobbyists when cheap and environmentally friendly, ' said Gumilar.